NCR Printing

NCR printing allows the user produce multiple copies when only writing on one sheet due to carbonless strike through to sheets below. The strike through copies can be produced in different formats and colours which help identify copy types. NCR is used for invoice papers, receipt pads, contract forms and transport papers to name a few

Finishing options

Available as books, pads and sheeted sets if a lighter option is required. We offer various paper weights and colour options, to help identify copies. NCR can also be glued, files punched, perforated and numbered for specific uses

Popular NCR sets

  • A4 Pads – 4 parts – perforated 
  • A5 Books – 3 parts – glued
  • A4 Books –  numbered & perorated

Product options

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NCR sets,pads & books

NCR sets – are individual sets of 2 to 4 sheets that are glued at either the head or the side. Once the set is written on copies can be pulled out and distributed. Loose sets are produced with a type of glue that enables easy separation

NCR Pads – are glued at either the head in sets of 25 or 50. The pads have a board back and writing shield which folds under the copies to avoid strike through to all copies. An additional cover can also be applied for additional protection or branding

NCR Books – are glued at head in sets of 25 or 50. The books have a board back, cover and a glued and taped spine. Books also have a writing shield which folds under the copies to avoid strike through to all copies. Branding can be printed on the cover if required

Sizes available –

A6 |A5 | A4

105 x 210 | 105 x 210 | 99 x 210 mm x mm

Custom sizes on request

Top sheet – we recommend a heavier top sheet of 80gsm to assist with strike through

Colours – White

Weights – 60 gsm / 80 gsm

Middle / bottom sheets – we recommend a lighter middle and bottom sheet to reduce bulk and cost

Colours – White / Blue / Pink / Green / Yellow

Weights – 60 gsm /  80 gsm

Perforating – can be added to books, pads and sheets if required for additional tear out copies or tear out sections

File holes –  can be added to individual or all copies for easy filing once removed from books, pads or sets

Numbering –  is available if required. This is ideal when issuing contracts or invoices when specific customer numbers are needed and for keeping track of NCR usage

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